Important note about colors

In the past, we’ve never thought much about the warning on various websites that colors can vary on different monitors and screens. When we developed this site, however, we noticed that there can be a huge variation.

The swatches you see on the product pages, and even in the photos, may look different from the actual product, especially if you are on a desktop/laptop. If you are matching your team or school color, it’s important to get it right.

If you like, you may request swatches to be sent by mail. Contact Us with the colors you want and your address. No charge!

Otherwise, use these descriptions to help you get to the right color:


FABRIC (for Scrunchies)

RIBBON (and Scrunchie Accent)


Pure snow white

Pure snow white


Deep, true black

Deep, true black


Rich, deep apple red

Bold, bright fire engine red


Heathered, lighter orange

Bold, bright orange


Gentle buttercup yellow

Bold, bright gold

Apple Green


A light grassy green

Emerald Green


Deep, rich Irish green

Seafoam Green

Heathered light green with a slight blue tinge


Hunter Green


Very dark green


Heathered deep green with blue tinge

Deep, dark greenish-blue

Pale Blue

Light, airy heathered pale sky blue

A very pale winter blue

Caribbean Blue


Deep July sky blue, like UCLA’s blue

Royal Blue

Heathered medium blue with hints of darker blue

True, vibrant royal

Navy Blue

Very dark navy; almost black

Very dark navy, almost black


Deep rusty brick red

Deep crimson; wine


Heathered violet; lighter; more blue undertones than red

Rich, bright mulberry; more red undertones than blue


Heathered deep pink

Hot, bright pink


Medium gray

Silvery gray